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Research and Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) on Vocational Rehabilitation Program Management

The RTAC is a collaborative initiative to identify, test, and disseminate management practices in order to build a performance management model tailored to the Vocational Rehabilitation system.  The RTAC builds the capacity of public Vocational Rehabilitation programs to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.  Over the course of the project, RTAC will:
  • Generate new knowledge of effective VR program management by identifying effective practices in the areas of Quality Assurance (QA), Human Resources (HR), and Strategic Planning (SP).
  • Develop and pilot a new model of effective VR program management in partnership with 5-7 state VR agencies
  • Disseminate the VR Program Management Model by developing exemplars, tools, and guidance other state VR agencies can use to implement the model within their unique contexts.
Project Partners include:

Announcement: 2013-2014 Cohort of the Learning Collaborative on VR Management kicks off in March.  The participating agencies include:

California Department of Rehabilitation

Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services & Connecticut Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind

Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Kentucky Office for the Blind

Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation

New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Read the press release (.pdf) (.doc) for additional information about the participating agencies in the 2013-2014 Learning Collaborative. 


For more information on the upcoming Learning Collaborative initiative, please go to the Research Activities page.

The RTAC is closely linked with the Vocational Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (VR-RRTC).  Visit www.vr-rrtc.org for more information.